Unspoiled Jewels was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, by two brothers and their childhood friend who all share a passion for creativity and exploration. The inspiration behind the jewelry comes from the three founders extroverted approach to life, and the values of integrity, cosmopolitanism and the significance of appreciating memories and impressions, which embody and represent our self-identity.


The handcrafted necklace is inspired by the World that surrounds us. With its curvy surface and unique shaping, we acknowledge all its diversity. We want to give our customers the opportunity to place a diamond in a place close to their heart and engrave the coordinates of the exact place where their special memory unfolded.

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It is our ambition to create jewels that tell a story. We believe that jewels should express something meaningful for the person who wears it, giving him or her the opportunity to preserve these special moments for eternity in an Unspoiled Jewel.

Place a Diamond in a country close to your heart and Engrave your special moment’s coordinates.

We want to give you the opportunity to place a diamond in a place close to your heart and engrave your coordinates to remember the exact place where your memory unfolded. The necklace fossilizes your special moments so you can carry those unforgettable memories with you forever.

Chain info:

Womens necklace in 42 cm, 60 cm and 80 cm. 1 mm thick Available in: 1. Sterling silver 2. Gold-plated 3. 18K gold

Mens necklace in 50 cm and 2 mm thick. Available in: 1. Sterling silver 2. Gold-plated 3. 18K gold





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