Daily Crush on Skulls

19 July 2017 by Eva Lund


Human skulls can be quite scary to look at, perhaps that is why they have fascinated many artists during the ages. Leonardo da Vinci, is, for instance, well-known for his fascination with the human body, and Andreas Vesalius, is usually regarded as the father of modern human anatomy.

Men Up North is a new brand locally rooted in Copenhagen specialising in a classical men’s jewellery pieces like cufflinks, bracelets, tie pins, bars and tags -most of them with a twist, all conceived with a keen eye for the smallest details.


The label creates jewellery for men with a vision to offer men an opportunity to accentuate their identity and style with a keen eye for detail, not limited by class or status. As they ask “Why not be the best-dressed guy in the room?” Yes, why not actually?


The Anthony Lent skull sculptures are works of art that can fool us into thinking they’re based on real, human skulls. The attention to details and outstanding craftsmanship make them almost hyper-real.





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