Jun 14

Happy Birthday to you!


Bex Manners is the jewellery designer behind the cool brand BexRox. The company is in London and has a big awareness for different cultures and their traditional techniques across the world.

Most recently Bex visited Nairobi, Kenya because of her curiosity for the Maasi tribe culture, this visit created a luxury collection of hand-crafted jewellery and a cool design of lions – including this cool lion ring that the birthday girl Charlotte got today.

It looks amazingly cool on her! – the big statement ring mixed with the feminine dress that Charlotte is rocking today is just wow!

Happy birthday girl!

TheJewelleryRoom_LotteCharlotte is enjoying her lovely birthday present – the lion ring from Bex Rox

TheJewelleryRoom_BexRoxLion ring from Bex Rox – buy it here

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Nov 09

Colour me up


This new collection from the young Danish Jewellery brand Anni Lu called HEART LINE just proves that colours are her for the season and probably for good..
The young brand just launched a 14 carat gold collection with beautiful stones such as diamonds, sapphires and rubies.
The look is simple, sleek and sweet and these are absolute must haves this fall.
For more info tjeck out who carries the beautiful Anni Lu label.

Jun 26

Rebecca Elbek has gone solo

Rebecca Elbek has gone solo

Rebecca Elbek has returned to her original passion ”“ the jewellery.
This means that you and I and all other jewellery lovers can now get there hands on a new and beautiful collection from her hand.
See more beautiful gold jewellery from her here.

My favorites are the hamsahand and the beautiful jewellery with rough diamonds

RebeccaElbek_18kt_-rough_and_diamonds_42000kr RebeccaElbek_18kt_sapphire_5200kr1 RebeccaElbek_rubies_032kt_diamonds_26000kr1

Jun 26

TEL AVIV ”“ Bohemian luxury

TEL AVIV ”“ Bohemian luxury

Jewellery ”“ and Ice cream the two things that is a must in Tel Aviv.
I recently returned from an amazing vacation in Tel Aviv, the city of contrasts and the city of jewellery.

Walking the streets, you will find several jewellery shops, displaying both fine jewellery as well as pieces that are more artistic.

Jewellery seem to be a true statement in the street style of this amazing city. ”“ as well as the right for good!!! Ice cream. Weather you walk the streets of the understated but exclusive neighbourhood of Neve Tzedek, with Shabazis as the main street, or you sense the bohemian feeling in the old Jaffa, you are constantly exposed to small individual jewellery workshops.

And we haven”™t even started talking about the overwhelming selection of cool and trendy wine bars, cafes, restaurants, the more exclusive shopping areas etc.

I fell in love with the artistic expression from designers and jewellers Dave + Esty from the Jewellery lab. My new shoelace necklace and eternity bracelet for my sister and me where just a few of the amazing pieces from the talented designers.
So check out Dave+Esty ( and many of the other great goldsmiths that you find in Tel Aviv.

daveandesty_jewellery_window_gold_wow1-e1403016388995 Gold_platede_fabric_goldmind_jewellery-e1403016080561 gold_platede_shoelace_necklace_jewellery_goldmind-e1403016093387 icecreame_love-e1403016282179




my_icecreame pernille_goldmind






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