Jul 21

“Demi-Fine” – the luxurious little sister

The new jewellery category “Demi-Fine”, which has now been online for about a half year, is here to stay. It is created by the Luxury fashion e-tailer NET-A-PORTER to accommodate a growing market of women who want fine jewellery at slightly more affordable price points. The category “Demi-Fine Jewellery” referred to as accessible luxury is created because accessible luxury in jewellery is an expanding sector just as in the fashion space.

The Demi-fine Jewellery is often recognized by the karat of the gold, meaning that the pieces in this category will most likely be 9, 10 or 14 karat gold, but you will also find silver and diamonds in the Demi-fine selection.

One of the backgrounds for the new category is a recent increase in women buying jewellery for themselves. The category is innovative and fills a gap between fine jewellery and the more low priced fashion jewellery. Historically these have been two very separate categories, but the new demi-fine acts as a hybrid between the two and the demi-fine has become the luxurious little sister, allowing for luxury every day.
To The Jewellery Room this bridge is a quite interesting approach as we, with a strong knowledge of the jewellery and fashion sector believe that there is a gap between jewellery and fashion. The bridging of the two is the exact ethos of The Jewellery Room concept as we work to integrate jewellery into a fashion environment and believe that there is a strong and strong link between them.


We’re great fans of the Demi-fine hybrid and love these pieces in the category.TheJewelleryRoom_Natasha_schweitzer_9_caratEarrings in 9 karat gold with diamonds from Natasha Schweitser


Earring in 14karat gold with coloured stones by Loren Stewart


Arrow earring in 14karat gold by Jennie Kwon Designs


Gold pinky ring in 14 karat with emeralds by I and I


Jul 07

The capsule jewellery trend – Maria Black for Net-A-Porter

The new trend of exclusive collabs designed for or together with valuable retailers has expanded into jewellery. Maria Black, one of the Scandinavian jewellery brands sold at Net-A-Porter has now launched a capsule collection exclusive for the highend e-tailer.
ThejewelleryRoom_MariaBlack_NetAPorterThe new collection is an expansion of the successful Voyage range, in a rose gold edition with a modern twist. The Voyage collection consists of earpieces only, and draw inspiration from the piercing world where one or more earpieces are worn together.
The idea with the Voyage collection is to create unexpected illusions, so if you don’t have two or more piercings the Voyage collections helps you fake it as these pieces create clever illusions of multiple piercings.

“On their own the pieces are feminine and glamorous, but I like to mix and match for a personal styling and discover how beautiful contrasts occur,” Maria Black says.

 Maria’s passion for jewellery started with earrings, when she had her ears pierced as 10 years old. She built a huge collection of earrings and wore different ones every day. Her love for assymetry stuck to her ideal of how jewellery should be worn.



Discover the full Maria Black capsule for Net-A-Porter online


May 02

Cartier gives exclusive launch to Net-A-Porter

Today Cartier is launching its new Panthère collection, but the new watch line will not be sold at the luxurious label’s own boutiques. Instead, Cartier has teamed up with the high-end e-tailer Net-A-Porter.

It is the first time Cartier has partnered with an e-tailer. The reason Cartier gave Net-A-Porter first crack on its new watch line is probably not only because Net-A-Porter is one of the world’s premier online luxury fashion destinations, but also due to the fact that Cartier is owned by Richemont, which owns 50 percent of Yoox Net-A-Porter.


Federico Marchetti, CEO of Yoox Net-A-Porter Group, explained in a statement that his site has “ambitious plans to expand our fine jewellery and watches category and bring more iconic hard luxury brands into a global online world.” With prices running from around € 4000 – € 146.000 a piece the Panthère collection definitely delivers on that promise.


The new collection revives a line Cartier originally sold in the early ’80s, and features 12 designs with yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and stainless steel variations, with and without diamond bezels.

Panthère de Cartier medium 18-karat rhodiumized white gold, diamond and enamel watch. Price: €146,000.

The collection will be available exclusively on Net-A-Porter from today until May 31. Thereafter, the collection will be sold in Cartier’s own boutiques and dealers.

(Image courtesy of Yoox Net-A-Porter)


Apr 18

Tiffany & Co and NET-A-PORTER announce Global Collaboration

NET-A-PORTER and Tiffany & Co just announced an unprecedented global collaboration to make select Tiffany designs available for purchase on NET-A-PORTER.COM, beginning April 27 for a limited time. The New York-based jeweller will sell select Tiffany items on Net-A-Porter and it’s the first time that Tiffany will sell its jewellery online outside of its own website.

Serving as Tiffany’s first ever global ecommerce partner, is an extraordinary coup for both brands. By marrying the ultimate legacy jewelry brand with the ultimate destination in online luxury fashion, Tiffany will be intriduced to a highly engaged and fashion-conscious global consumer.breakfast-at-tiffanys-1961-006-audrey-hepburn-sunglassses

Though the companies said the collaboration would last for a limited time, it’s easy to imagine the partnership would be expanded if it works out. The potential benefits for Tiffany are clear: Net-A-Porter sells to shoppers in 170 countries, whereas Tiffany’s e-commerce is available in only 13.

What’s more, according to Tiffany’s latest annual report, e-commerce has accounted for 6% of company sales in each of the last three years, showing digital sales growth is not outpacing that of stores, an underperformance compared to most of the retail industry.

Brand collaborations with innovative businesses like Net-A-Porter help ensure that Tiffany’s timeless designs reach a new generation of customers, wherever they are,” Philippe Galtie, Tiffany’s senior vice president of international sales, said in a statement.




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