When hoops turned fashion

This summer oversized creoles in diverse variations were all over the International runways. This season the fashion industry has picked up on the round, metal silhouette and turned the iconic piece of jewellery into the go-to adornment of the hour when presenting their it-bags of the moment.


Chloé broke the haute couture rules of the 1950s and created a ready-to-wear collection for the fashion conscious woman. With famous head designers like Stella McCartney and Karl Lagerfeld, it was hard to ignore Chloé’s ground breaking collections. The high-end label is still changing the rules of today with inspiring designs. The Faye shoulder bag has in short time become an iconic bag with it’s silver ring in the front and has inspired other designers to think in round, silhouettes of adornment when designing their it-bags of the season. Chloe was one of the first couture houses to break the hoops into the fashion scene.
Faye_thejewelleryroomCHLOÉ FAYE SHOULDER BAG –  in smooth calfskin & suede calfskin. Get yours here.

We love LOEWE’s cool new style with a sleek rounded silhouette embellished with an ornate gold-tone rounded Loewe engraved medal. The Electric blue is to die for.


Take a closer look at the small Joyce Bag in Electric Blue.

Simon Miller‘s coveted bag is recognized by its minimalist design and polished top handles. This ‘Bonsai’ style is inspired by the American Southwest, has been crafted by local artisans.


Take a closer look here at Simon Miller’s Bonsai Mini Leather Tote.

Nov 24

Jewellery talk with Charlotte Lynggaard

OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN was established in 1963 by goldsmith and fine jewellery designer Ole Lynggaard. Charlotte Lynggaard joined the family run company in 1992.

The spirit of Charlotte Lynggaard’s exquisite jewellery designs is sophisticated, feminine and modern. Charlotte has developed a unique trademark in her designs, which is characterized by an elegant and rough yet sensual look.

We met with the 50 year old iconic jewellery designer to hear about her passion for fine jewellery and her family. 


Charlotte Lynggaard

What is your profession?
Goldsmith, Jewellery Designer & Creative Director at OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN

Why did you choose to become a jewellery designer?
It was the creative field that inspired me the most when choosing my career path. Ever since I was a little girl I always used my hands a lot, sewing, knitting, cooking and drawing. After high school I was in doubt whether I wanted to become a goldsmith, work within commercial PR or pursue a career in fashion. I went to Paris and was lucky entering a PR agency specializing in jewellery brands; here I realized I could combine many of my interests and my passion for jewellery and craftsmanship, by entering my father’s company and the decision was clear to me.


Describe a perfect day for you?
I like that each day is different, and therefore numerous things can make a day perfect for me. I love to spend time with my family, take long walks in the nature, visit museums and see exhibitions, travel to exciting places, stand in the kitchen for hours and cook a good meal for my children and all their friends or all our family and friends…or everybody at once! I love it when our house is full of children, friends and family.

Do you have something you can’t live without?
My family, my jewellery and my sketching books.

What do you dream about?
To continue working side-by-side with my family and expanding our family business internationally with the aim to make women feel beautiful and unique.

What would your occupation be if you weren’t a jewellery designer?
I would definitely still work with something where I could work with my hands and my creativity.

Do you have a crazy habit?
Bringing my notebook anywhere I go. Thoughts, ideas and sketches must be jotted down immediately. That way I can keep them and return to them when the time is right.

Nov 22

Guide to the top 10 jewellery shops in CPH – #3

#3 – Hartmann’s Fine Jewelry

Hartmann’s Fine Jewellery Boutique is chosen for our Top 10 Guide, as it has been one of the leading jewellers in Scandinavia since it opened in 1997.

Situated in the lush surroundings of Bredgade, a visit to Hartmann’s is an aesthetic education. The collections are filled with the finest of everything, the company uses their expertise and craftsmanship to showcase the exceptional brilliance of high-end jewellery and makes you sparkle in the most outstanding way.


Hartmann’s is a jewellery house that accepts nothing less than perfection. Renowned for its sparkling collections of pink diamonds, Hartmann’s is the place to go when you want to add a splash of extraordinary to your everyday life.

Hartmanns_signature_Bangle_59000DKK_gold_whitegold_Diamonds_ThejewelleryroomShowcased above is a pair of Hartmann’s Signature bangles in gold and white gold with diamonds. If you can’t find something to fall in love with at Hartmann’s, where can you?

Hartmanns_Snake_whitegold_diamonds_DKKfrom17300_thejewelleryroomVisit Hartmann’s here:

Hartmann’ s Fine Jewellery
Bredgade 4
1260 København K

or indulge in pink diamonds and the fine jewellery selection online.

World premiere Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender 2016 from Hartmann’s Jewellery on Vimeo.

Nov 17

Bow Label on a roll

The Stockholm based jewellery brand Bow Label is taking on a new market as they just signed a deal with the British powerhouse Wolf & Badger. Wolf & Badger describe themselves as retailing the world’s best independent brands, so it’s a prominent crowd Bow Label now can announce being a part off.

Henry Graham from Wolf & Badger explains why he fell for the Swedish brand: “Bow Label’s edgy yet delicate aesthetic appealed to me the first time I saw it. We are excited to be stocking such a fantastic brand and they are sure to be huge hit with our discerning customer base.”

The Wolf & Badger ethos is to promote, support and retail only the most exciting independent luxury brands from the UK and beyond. They currently work with over 600 of the very best designers from around the world, retailing a curated range of fashion, accessories, jewellery, beauty and homeware.


Sophie Antonsson and Josefin Bakos De Geer is the designer duo behind Bow Label. We met with the cool ladies to hear more about their latest collaboration and why Josefin can´t stop swiping her kitchen floor.

What is your profession?
Jos: Photographer, designer.
Sophie: Design/product development, sales

- What do you dream about?
We dream of opening our own boutique to be able to give the customers the full BOW LABEL experience. London or Stockholm would be the perfect spots for our flagship.

- Why is the UK market interesting?
We’ve always had the UK market as one of our targets. We both love London and Sophie lived and worked there a couple of years. We think it’s a good compliment to the Swedish market where people might not be as experimental as in the bigger cities. We also want to attract the men’s side of the jewellery industry and we think London is the perfect place to start exploring!

- What are your expectations from your collaboration with W&B?
We hope to be given an opportunity to enter the market and spread awareness of our brand. We love the shop in Notting Hill and the staff there are the prefect representatives for our product’s first meeting with the Londoners and all of their visitors. We also hope to have more visibility in the UK press.


- What preparations did you do before entering a new market?
When we launched we had London as our target market, after the bigger cities in Sweden. We actually didn’t do that much as we’d planned for it in the launch. All our material is in English and all of our prices were already translated to GBP. We had a chat with Henry at Wolf and Badger, who gave us a couple of pointers, but in general, our brand should communicate the same thing to all markets.

- Do you see a specific jewellery trend in the UK?
What we see in general is that people are more interested in exploring, and not very bothered about looking different. Guys are much more comfortable with jewellery as well, as probably the market is a little further ahead over there. We do believe people are becoming more conscious of quality and price.

- What is your guilty pleasure?
Chocolate croissants. My boyfriend and I always go to our favorite French cafe and have freshly baked ones, and copious amounts of coffee.
Jos: This time of year I am almost constantly a little tipsy on glögg. Starting the season in mid November and going on until mid jan.


Media coverage

It’s fantastic to see Jewellery having a platform during a fashion week as it is a crucial part of the fashion world.

Editors were buzzing about The Jewellery Room as if it was one of the most soughtafter shows in town. And it was

Beautifully styled and was such an easy and accessible way to experience many brands gathered under one roof.


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