Daily Crush on Sara Robertsson

The most hyped jewellery trend this summer is definitely BIG statement earrings. With this in mind there is one jewellery designer that caught our eye – Sara Robertsson. The Swedish designer creates the most stunning eye-catching pieces that will take your outfit to a whole new level in seconds.


Sara has an MA in fashion from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design and is handcrafting all her designs in her studio in Malmö. Her aesthetic is poetic and sharp while striving for an understated elegance where the waving shapes meet a clean cut.



Looking for the perfect “style-upgrade” this summer? Sara’s pieces will add that crucial final touch. All designs are made in sterling silver that will catch and reflect the sunlight with striking effect.


Find Sara Robertssons’s selection here if it caught your eyes as well.

Photo credit: Sara Robertsson Jewellery.

May 25

Icing on the cake at Gucci

Jewellery has conquered the fashion scene like never before – thanks to designers like Alessandro Michele, the new Creative Director of Gucci.

Alessandro Michele, Gucci´s previous Chief Accessories Designer, has re-designed a large part of the brand´s collections and created a kind of romantic, slightly nutty and extravagant luxury style – with statement jewellery as the icing on the cake, from oversized rings on every finger to dramatic earrings.


Among the most eclectic and audacious Gucci jewellery collections, the Le Marché des Merveilles range is reminiscent of a curiosity cabinet, overflowing with intriguing animal emblems and precious stones. The pieces are crafted from 18kt gold, aged silver and precious stones.

4_LMDM_Snake Rings_Gucci_TheJewelleryRoom

The lavish way of styling accessories obviously comes from his personal taste. Alessandro Michele loves jewellery and seems to have a treasure chest crammed full of beautiful objects to create a new style every day, from golden lions to skulls. He wears at least nine rings at once, Victorian style necklaces, bracelets and charms en masse. Alessandro describes his own style as  ”a hippie Renaissance idea of fashion”.


One of Guccis´ new ambassadors is the British musician Florence Welch, singer of Florence + The Machine, whose slightly eccentric style is well suited for the ”new” Gucci style. She also shares the passion for jewellery with Alessandro Michele, as she realised the first time the two met. ”When Alessandro and I first met we bonded over our love of jewellery: ”I truly believe that what he is creating at Gucci today is magic, and I am so excited to be part of it.”

Gucci Timepieces And Jewelry Announces Florence Welch As 2016 Brand Ambassador

Florence Welch displays the style by mixing and matching jewellery from different collections, like the Flora, Icon and Le Marché des Merveilles collections, hence mixing classic models like flowers as well as skulls and bumblebees, artistically depicted in gold, silver and precious stones.

May 23

Softness is the new black

Kina Anderson, our Swedish contributor, has attended the World Watch and Jewellery Show, Baselworld 2017 and reports back on a significant trend – Soft shapes and subtle colours, the 2017 show was all about softness.


Pale pastels in Pasquale Brunis´ Bon Ton collection: Milky quartz, pink quartz and light blue and pink chalcedony.

When living in times of uncertainty, you look for security, comfort and warmth – these facts are evident in the world of jewellery. Subtle colours create a sense of peace and serenity, hues that are now emerging, both in jewellery and watches. Pale pastels as well as dark shades like burgundy, navy blue and dark green. And subtle grey feels like the new black.

3_Tamara Comolli_Thejewelleryroom

Fifty shades of grey… Moonstones in different shades from Tamara Comolli.

In this trend of softness, gems like shimmering moonstones, chalcedonies and pink quartz are favourites, cut as cabochons (a gemstone cut with a convex, rounded surface that is polished but unfaceted), that goes particularly well with these stones, accenting the subdued colours. And a slice of the mother of pearl beneath a gemstone gives a wonderful soft lustre. One of my personal favourite cuts was an irregular cabochon cut, seen at stone dealer Paul Wild, almost like a Keshi pearl. A cut I later noticed in a pearl collier from world known pearl brand Mikomoto´s. Pearls, by the way, fit perfectly into this new softness – especially baroque pearls.


The blush-coloured moonstones at Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen attracted a lot of attention.

This article is written by our Swedish contributor Kina Anderson. Kina is a journalist with the speciality in jewellery. Learn more about Kina on her blog and on Instagram @kinakristinaandersson.

May 21

Kate Moss launches a new fine jewellery line

Jewellery has always been the main ingredient and a significant part of Kate Moss distinctive styling. Since childhood, she has been fascinated by jewellery and is the owner of an extensive antique jewellery collection, which she started collecting in her young modelling days.
Now she launches a fine Jewellery limited edition collection with her Brazilian friend Ara Vartanian, who is a know craftsman in the jewellery scene.


Moss explains how she and Vartanian have sought inspiration from things she already owned such as details from a Russian Twenties cigarette case and her own antique jewellery collection, and combining this medieval symbols and with the look and craftsmanship of Vartanian. She wanted to make “Pieces that have meaning and that you can wear every day”, she explains to Vogue.

This has resulted in a collection of 18-karat gold, diamond and Brazilian gemstone rings, pendants, earrings and buckles, where enchanted amulet-like pendants are significant. Vartanian explains that the collection includes a lot of red garnets because it’s Kate’s birthstone and these pieces aren’t about fashion,” insists Vartanian. “The stones and attitude give them a powerful energy, they are forever.”

Kate Moss also stars in the campaign of the collaboration.



Source: Vogue.co.uk


Media coverage

It’s fantastic to see Jewellery having a platform during a fashion week as it is a crucial part of the fashion world.

Editors were buzzing about The Jewellery Room as if it was one of the most soughtafter shows in town. And it was

Beautifully styled and was such an easy and accessible way to experience many brands gathered under one roof.


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